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What are 3rd Party Fees / Disbursements?

3rd party fees, or 'disbursements' refer to elements of a funeral cost that are paid by the funeral director to 3rd parties on your behalf. These are cremation fees (national average £600), doctor's fees (£164 nationally, except Scotland where they are free) and minister or celebrant fee (£180). With the exception of the Topaz option, all Safe Hands Funeral Plans contain an allowance of £1200 to cover 3rd party fees. This allowance rises annually at least in line with RPI. There may be a balance to pay at the time of need if the 3rd party fees payable by the funeral director on your behalf when you die, exceed the allowance in your plan (+RPI) at that time.

What does a Safe Hands funeral plan include?

Safe Hands offer 5 different funeral plan options to suit different tastes and budgets. With the exception of the Direct Cremation option, all, as an absolute mininum, include a hearse, a lined and fitted coffin, 24 hour transfer of the deceased, care and preparation of the deceased, and funeral director's fees. Also, all options, with the exception of the Direct Cremation and the Topaz, include an £1200 allowance towards 3rd party fees / disbursements.

What are funeral director fees?

Funeral Director's fees cover all elements of the funeral that are provided by the funeral director directly - such as the hearses, limousines, care and preparation of the deceased, etc.

Is a buriel more expensive?

Yes. The funeral director's costs and services remain exactly the same for both cremation and burial. However, because interment costs vary enormously according to different local authorities pricing, only when we know where you wish to be buried can we give you a fixed price.

Can I choose the funeral director?

You can select any funeral director that is a member of the National Federation of Funeral Directors, to undertake your funeral. You can also nominate any other independent firm, under which circumstances, when you pass away, we will offer your funeral to your preferred firm in the first instance. If, for any reason, your preferred firm is unavailable or unwilling to undertake the funeral, then it will instead be conducted by an alternative, local, reputable, firm at Safe Hands' discretion (preferably one that is a member of the NFFD).

What is not included within my funeral plan?

Safe Hands funeral plans include everything that is required for a traditional burial or cremation (burial plot must be purchased separately). You may order or request any number of special additions (frequently at no extra cost). We will ensure that you fully understand exactly what is included within your funeral plan before it is paid for.

Are there any hidden charges?

No. We have taken great care to highlight all charges associated with each of the plan options. If you require any further clarity, please call us and we'll make sure you understand exactly what is included within the price of your chosen plan.

Can I include personal requests in my plan?

Yes. There are no limits to the extent of personal requests that you may like your funeral to include. For instance, you might want the service to feature favorite music, hymns or readings. Or you might like mourners to adhere to a certain dress code. Depending on the nature of your personal requests, they may incur an additional charge although we would of course ensure that you are made aware before you pay for your plan.

Do I have to take a medical?

No. Safe Hands funeral plans are available to anyone, regardless of health, age or medical history.

How do I pay for my Safe Hands funeral plan?

You can pay for your plan in a single lump sum, or you can spread the cost over an extended term up to a maximum of 10 years (120 months). Instalments made over 12 or 24 months are interest free. Payments can be made by cheque, bank transfer, debit card or credit card (credit card payments carry a 2.5% surcharge).

What if the plan holder dies while abroad or away from home?

Repatriation to the UK is not included as standard within any of the Safe Hands plan options. Unless your Safe Hands plan includes an additional allowance to cover repatriation, then should you die while aborad or away from home, the cost of transporting your body back to the UK will need to be paid for (usually this is covered by travel insurance).

I've changed my mind. How do I cancel my SafeHands Funeral Plan?

If you change your mind and decide to cancel your plan, then you must do so by writing to Safe Hands Funeral Plans (Cancellation Dept), 8 Peterson Road, Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF1 4EB. Provided we receive the letter of cancellation within 28 days from the date that your plan is effective from (see your plan certification pack) then you are eligible to receive a full refund. If we receive the letter of cancellation after 28 days from the date that your plan is effective from, then we will refund the amount you have paid towards your plan at the point of cancellation less our standard £395 cancellation fee.

Can I purchase a funeral plan on someone else's behalf?

Yes. Upon application, simply make us aware that this is your intention.

What happens in the unfortunate event that I pass away before my plan is paid off?

If the plans was / is being paid for over 1 or 2 years – because no interest is charged on plans paid for over 1 or 2 years, the balance is calculated by deducting the sum paid towards the plan at the point the time the Plan Holder dies, from the price of the plan as was at the time it was purchased. The balance is the difference between these two figures.

If the plan was / is being paid for over 3, 5, or 10 years - then at the time of the Plan Holder’s death, we first calculate the interest payable (4% flat) over the period of time between the plan being purchased and the plan holder’s death. We then add this to the net price of the plan (minus any deposit paid) as it was at the time of purchase (this gives us the revised ‘total payable’ figure). We then deduct this figure from the total payments made towards the plan at the time of the plan holder’s death. The balance is the difference between these two figures.

Does Safe Hands offer an Eco-friendly funeral plan option?

We can provide an eco-friendly funeral plan. However, because the prices of eco-funerals vary according to location and customers' specific requirements, please contact Safe Hands to obtain a firm price.

Can I tailor or alter my funeral plan?

Yes. All Safe Hands funeral plans can be tailored to suit individual tastes and preferences. Safe Hands funeral plans can also be altered or added to at any time (additional cost may be applicable depending on nature and extent of alterations).

I wish to buy a Topaz plan which doesn't include 3rd Party Fees. Can I pay for these later?

Yes. Should you choose the Topaz option, you are welcome to pay for the 3rd Party Fees at a later date, or alternatively, your family / estate can pay for them when you pass away (under such circumstances, 3rd Party Fees will be charged at the rate prevailing at that particular time).

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